Thomas Penna is a singer, songwriter, musician who plays the piano, guitar and drums.  He is also a painter who was born in Chicago, now residing in the northwest suburbs, 
   Thomas has been part of the Chicagoland music scene, along with his talented brother Matthew. They formed the art/rock band JABBERWOCK (1976 until 1983).  The band wrote and played original music with such diverse genres as rock, jazz-fusion ,and neo-classical leaning.  

   In September 1979, our band, JABBERWOCK, recorded at EDITION 1 STUDIOS, with producer Joe Stopka, recording  songs such as THE AFE SONG.  BRAINTREE,   YESTERDAY'S SMILE, AND DISTANT YEARS AWAY'' …  We were fortunate to get local radio airplay. JABBERWOCK also recorded at Chicago's Universal studio, and Hedden West Studios. 
The band broke up in 1983. 

   In 1980 Thomas had a spiritual conversion to Christianity which altered his life and lyrical sensibilities 
but still had a heart for various musical genre's throughout the 1980's and Into the early 1990's.  In 1985 he recorded an album at TONE ZONE STUDIOS, the producer was Roger Heiss.

   Thomas, in 1990, with the help of Matthew, composed a mini-rock opera and multi-media production titled “THE WAR”.  The album is based on Ephesians 6:10-16, a passage from the Bible, describing the ''Spiritual Warfare'' in this world,  The album was fused with symphonic rock and art rock along side a visual slide and video show for live appearances. 

   Also during this time, in 1992, Thomas went to work with Ron Karpman, former drummer of the FLOCK.  Ron helped co-produce “THE WAR” album which was engineered by current Grammy winner Craig Bauer,  ARTSOUND STUDIOS now aka ( HINGE STUDIOS ) in Los Angeles. 

   Thomas also had his share of studio work as a  pianist, as well as using a synth-programmer for various Midwest musical projects and local rock bands. 

   Thomas has written and arranged a collection of world music and jazz rock songs.

   In the 1998, Thomas formed the band's MARS HILL and THE NEW EARTH, featuring​ Matthew as bass player, Eric Gulbransen as lead guitarist, Jim Sagadin and Ron Karpman on drums.  MARS HILL recorded a two-song feature at  FIREFLY STUDIO's. the Producer was Joe Puerta who is the vocalist, writer and bassist of AMBROSIA. 

   In the last few years Thomas has been putting together this latest group of songs​, in a lighter, retrospective, self-deprecating mood.
  Thomas asked Matthew to join forces for live appearances and special performances when needed. 
   During these times of uncertainty, but yet prophetic days we hope you will enjoy his newest and latest album  ''IS IT SOMETHING I SAID?''.
   Thomas will release new music videos soon so buy his songs and spread the news!